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Robert Buran What Not to Drink  By Robert Buran

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One would think that after 68 years and some devotion to healthy living that I would have learned What Not to Drink.  But on day 5 of one of my fasts I did something kind of dumb.  I ordered an extra large diet coke at the movies.  I did that while viewing The Hunger Games with my son and it tasted delicious and did not impact my fast or weight loss in any way.

Then about a week later, now about day 12 of my fast, I went to a movie by myself and again ordered an extra large diet coke with lots of ice.  I was really looking forward to sipping it throughout the movie.  I started sipping it and I could have been sipping toilet water.  It tasted vile, horrible and churned my stomach.  I could not get beyond three little sips.

Changing Tastes What Not to DrinkMy reaction to this was so bad in fact that I have not gone back to a movie theater since.  There is something in my unconscious experience that now associates a movie theater with drinking out of a toilet and I don’t want to go into a movie theater anymore.  I am not crazy and nobody finds this more surprising and interesting than I, a former psychologist.  But I am betting that a long fast allows my body to freely communicate something to me; drinking diet cokes is about as healthy as drinking cat pee!  My mind is saying to my body stay away from diet coke and stay away from places where it is sold.  My unconscious mind is just trying to protect me from drinking poison.

Look at the after pictures above.  Is this the body that now rejects unhealthy liquids?

Fasting really changes your tastes and I believe it quickly kills some bad addictions as well.  It allows the body to really crave what is healthy and to reject what is not.  It somehow allows your mind and your body to get together and make some rational decisions regarding your health.  Nothing is better than fasting for curing addictions.  It does not matter what your addiction is .  Your addictions may be  food, drugs, alcohol, smoking or even coffee.  Fasting can help.

Indeed fasting can be a fast track to getting addictions under control.  But when it comes to food and drink, fasting can really get you to eating and drinking healthy and it can do it very quickly.  When I am in “pig out mode” I do not like fish unless it is deep fried and dipped in some gooey processed mixture.  But when I am fasting the thoughts of a lightly sautéed skinless cod with a little lemon and nestled in a bed of fresh green vegetables sounds just fantastic.

An empty belly is the best cook. ~Estonian Proverb

Fasting gives us a chance to listen to our bodies, reject harmful addictions and develop cravings for the things that are really good for us.  It can quickly teach us what not to eat and What Not to Drink.  Fasting can change our tastes, cause us to reject bad habits and open the door to more healthy living after the fast.

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