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We Need Cheap Non-Medical Facilities for the Treatment of Obesity

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Obesity is epidemic in this country and may soon start killing more people than any other disease. Modern medicine is really at a loss as to what to do about it. There are no drugs that can help and doctors know perfectly well that diets do not work.   Would it be possible to have a cheap weight loss center that did work?

Some advances have been made in bariatric surgery, but that surgery is risky, expensive and the results are sometimes disappointing.

The bottom line is modern medicine has no effective treatment for obesity and prefers instead to treat all the symptoms of the disease, ranging from cardiovascular disease and diabetes to chronic depression, with pills and other expensive weight loss center Weight Loss Centerprocedures and treatments. Taxpayers ultimately will pay most of the bill. Modern medicine with its expensive and totally ineffective approach to an out-of-control epidemic may yet bankrupt our economy.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We all know that 98 % of cases of obesity could be effectively treated simply with fasting. But most people cannot do it on their own. But we know that a woman 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 260 pounds could probably lose 70 pounds in three to four months in the right kind of fasting facility. This kind of facility is desperately needed. There are millions of people out there that are desperate to get into such a facility where a large weight loss would be almost guaranteed.

In Russia, not a country with an obesity epidemic even close to ours, such facilities are more available than in America. Even so the demand is astronomical. In Moscow, Dr. Yuri Nicolayev, reports his fasting facility has a two to three year waiting list.

America is very fat and America needs a fasting facility on every block, figuratively speaking. How could this be done?

What is needed is that fasting facilities need to be developed that do not use a medical model. The idea of using a non medical model for the treatment of disease is not a new idea.  Alcoholics Anonymous is an example of one of the most effective treatments of a disease that does not use a medical model.  And of course AA is free to anybody needing its services.

A non medical model could also be used for the treatment of obesity.  Fasting is a very safe and natural procedure that does not require monitoring by doctors and nurses. People have a lot of uncomfortable side effects when fasting, but serious illness or death is very rare. And when something goes really haywire a non medical staff can always take a patient to a nearby ER. But the truth is this is very unlikely to happen.

Of course the medical establishment would scream about such facilities operating without doctors. But it seems to me that a facility could get around the legal hurdles by denying that it was providing any medical treatment at all and just call themselves a rest home for fatties or something like that. We live in a free country and people should be able to choose to go some place and choose not to eat if they want.

The idea would be to provide a facility where people are surrounded by a supportive non medical staff and other people going through the same treatment AND to be in an environment where they did not have to deal with ANY FOOD STIMULI. People could sign up for 30 days to six months depending on what their needs were and could of course sign themselves out of the program at any time. But they could not leave the facility for a few hours and then return. The reasons for this are obvious.

If the facilities could be operated without medical staff and not have to serve food expenses could be kept quite reasonable.

I believe that the success of such weight loss centers would quickly change the public perception of fasting as a treatment model and ease the fear that many people might have about such non medical treatment. Such facilities would offer real hope to those suffering from obesity; presently those people have virtually no options open to them. Modern medicine has totally failed in the treatment of the obese and America just keeps getting fatter. It is time to give a non medical model a try.

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