Water Retention and Carbs

Controlling Carbohydrate Intake May be a Key for Controlling Water Retention

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Ever wonder why you can drop so much weight at the beginning of a fast? It may have something to do with water retention and carbs. Carbohydrates in your diet can cause water retention.  Low carbohydrate dieters will drop less weight at the beginning of a fast.

Unfortunately, there is a relationship between a high-carbohydrate diet and water retention. In “Good Calories, Bad Calories,” author Gary Taubes writes that carbohydrates cause water retention and carbs Water Retention and Carbsyour kidneys to hoard salt instead of excrete it. Once your body’s salt content rises, your water content must also rise to keep the ratio of salt to bodily fluid steady. When you cut carbohydrate, when you fast, your body can let go of both the salt and the water it was retaining.

But if you are already watching your carbohydrate intake your weight loss may not seem so dramatic.

Problems with water retention and carbohydrates are likely to return after a fast is broken.  But for those who have been successful losing weight with fasting and do not wish to see such a big jump in weight after they start eating again, might consider low carbohydrate options.

I recommend this kind of diet, What to Eat, because it is very high in nutriants and fiber but having eliminated most starch and sugar it is quite low in carbohydrate.


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