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Some of my Thoughts on Parenting, our Schools and Our Fat Society

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I wrote this article four years ago and four years later nothing has changed: it’s still OK not to eat!

My son whom I raise alone and unassisted is eight years old and is very bright. Like millions of kids throughout America he eats school lunches.

OK Not to Eat OK Not to EatRecently I began receiving almost daily reports from both the school principal and my son’s teacher that they were concerned that he was not eating his school lunches.

In addition to the school lunches, the teacher encourages parents to pack a mid morning snack and then there are sugar snacks for birthdays and often doughnuts every Friday. My son, believe it or not, does not care much for sugar.

I discussed the matter with my son and he said he just was not hungry at lunchtime and liked neither the beef burritos nor the pizza they served at school. And what was even more sinful is that he dislikes milk, be it white or chocolate.

He is the ultimate picky eater. I sometimes have to do breakfast toast twice because it is either too crispy or not crispy enough.

He loves raw broccoli served with macaroni and cheese but it must be only one particular brand of macaroni and cheese and it must be just the perfect consistency or he will reject it.

Before somebody reports me to Child Protective Services please read this. My son weighs 51 pounds and although he is skinny his weight and height falls within the normal range for a child his age.

I have discussed the matter with my son’s pediatrician and he has assured me that my son will eat before he will starve to death. The good doctor says I should not worry about this.

And I do not. My mother told me she liked to feed me a lot. I was a fat baby and I have spent my lifetime fighting obesity and unlike my son there is scarcely a type of food on the face of the earth that I do not like. I am certain that I would weigh over 1000 pounds if I freely ate everything that I liked.

But at age 66, normal eating, particularly eating three meals a day is what others do. To maintain anything close to normal weight I fast regularly and when not fasting I eat a simple, Spartan diet and never three meals a day.

I am very happy my son is skinny and that he does not want to be eating all the time. I always feed him whenever he asks and I would NEVER suggest that he fast, but I will not force food upon him he does not want.

I think he is most fortunate, but his attitude towards food and his eating behavior is contrary to the attitudes and practices of our FAT SOCIETY.

Consider for a moment these thoughts: Many health professionals agree that obesity in American society is epidemic. Children the same age as my son are perhaps the true victims of this epidemic of obesity rampant in America today. Children today are developing adult diseases, like adult onset diabetes, that would have been almost unheard of only a decade ago.

Fat kids are common in our FAT SOCIETY, but they are at risk for many diseases and may die at ages less than the ages of their parents. Our FAT SOCIETY may be killing our children.

And now consider the behavior of my son’s principal. He is a good man and when he walks into the school cafeteria to inspect the uneaten food on my son’s tray I am certain he feels he is doing the right thing.

He is after all hired by the school board to, among other things; protect the welfare, health and safety of the students in his school.

But just for a moment consider this alternate scenario. What if the good principal started walking around the cafeteria looking for overweight students and when spotting one he walked up and politely removed the food tray from the pudgy protesting student.

Of course in our FAT SOCIETY that principal would be immediately crucified by the school board and he would lose his job faster than if he had got a DUI on the way to work.

I do not mean to speak disparagingly of my son’s school, his teacher or his principal. They are simply an extension of our FAT SOCIETY where food is king. We are obsessed with food and all types of food.

Even the healthy food proponents turn me off. The problem is not unhealthy food but it is too much food. It is eat, eat all the time and for any reason. Let us stop poisoning the minds of our children with the propaganda of the FAT SOCIETY.

It’s OK not to eat.

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