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My Opposition to Rich and Processed Food

Robert Buran Simple Food  by Robert Buran

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Ah simple food.  I used to love rich foods and believed that this was normal, but I have trained myself to like rich foods much less and have found that I am more healthy now.  Indeed many people love food and like to talk about  food, write about food and even dream about food.  But I would respectfully suggest that if you focused on loving exercise or sex rather than food you would be more healthy.  We have too much food in our society and our food is too good and the result is we are too fat and die too young. I am suggesting that rather than liking food or for that matter writing about food we should just try to stop thinking about food altogether. Just try to put Simple Food Simple Foodfood out of your mind.  I am not being critical of people reading this; but as a psychologist I am saying if you want to be thin and healthy you need to get your mind out of the kitchen and out of the restaurant. In the distant past our food has not been traditionally rich. Our ancient ancestors did not eat rich and processed food.  It is likely that the bulk of their food was simply raw unflavored bio mass gathered from fields and forests.  From our distant past we know we can survive just fine on just simple food.

Some will say that I am being almost sacrilegious and perhaps that I am even attacking motherhood, but I am going to suggest that the woman who is a good cook is a bad catch for a man. She will likely become fat herself and become sexually unappealing. She will make her husband fat as well and significantly reduce his life span. And she may even  pass this handicap, this loving of food, onto her children and leave them less healthy and possibly shorten their lives.

I for one would much prefer a “bony” woman that wore size zero skirts and refused to cook. I would prefer that she be defiant in declaring that a woman’s place is NOT in the kitchen.  I would like a woman that absolutely hated going into the kitchen.  I believe it is she that would help me raise a more healthy family.  In order to be healthy we must remove from our hearts this obsession with rich foods, particularly processed foods.

Processed food is making us fat and killing us.  Most food that comes in cans, jars, and boxes is processed.  But there are even some forms of processed foods that are sold in health food stores as well.  I am sure, for example, that some may feel that adding probiotics to food is healthy and improves both the taste and goodness of the food.   But food with probiotics is all just another form of processed food being marketed as “all natural” and “healthy”.  In my opinion this is just a gimmick to sell processed foods in health food stores.

I have read research that says in fact  that eating simple raw vegetables will do you just as much good for your autoimmune system as eating probiotics. In fact I recently watched a special on a Finnish factory that produced probiotics and I was surprised at the disclosure that their probiotics were extracted from human feces. That kind of killed my desire to eat this kind of “healthy” processed food.

I think that when we indulge in all this exotic and frequently processed food our tastes change and then we then HAVE to have this kind of food to be satisfied. And then we develop a kind of elitist snob culture around our tastes, as a form of self justification. Then we talk of the some of the exotic restaurants we frequent and all the wonderful and varied ethnic food we  enjoy.  It is kind of like being an alcoholic wine snob. If you are a drunk and a wine snob you are somehow a lot better than the wino drunk living on the street.  And this is fine if that is where you want to be.

But I for one am not impressed with either food snobs or wine snobs. I AM impressed with a person who coming from our notorious  food culture has retrained their tastes to accept simple whole food as their primary source of nutrition. I am impressed with a person who can appreciate a large vegetable salad made from multiple kinds of fresh produce bought at Wall Mart and lightly flavored with real butter, olive oil or vinegar.  Food is for keeping us alive, but I feel it is psychologically unhealthy when it becomes a primary source of comfort and satisfaction for us; it almost becomes like a substitute for sex.  See Eating and Sex for more discussion of food and its relationship to sex.

I believe that parents, and particularly mothers, could do wonders for their children by teaching them an appreciation for simple food, like raw vegetables, while at the same time making eating less associated with love, comfort and rewards.  The reason many kids do not like vegetables is because once they have tasted highly processed “comfort foods” they simply never want to go back to the basics.  Big Food Inc. knows exactly how get our kids hooked on poor food choices.  But kids will eat vegetables if they are hungry and not being fed processed food instead.  For the sake of our children we parents need to teach our children an appreciation for simple unprocessed foods.

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