Killing the Monster Before it Kills Us

Robert Buran Stress  By Robert Buran

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Stress is monster.  Stress is a monster that haunts most of us.  And stress is a monster that can kill some of us.

Some stress is healthy.  Many people strive for greater things because of stress and succeed.  The great American dream is a poor boy like Abraham Lincoln or a poor girl like Oprah Winfrey, who become unhappy with the way things are, make changes and achieve greatness.

But if we are put into a situation where stress overwhelms us it can paralyze us, trap us and lead to very self destructive behaviors.  And then it becomes a vicious circle.  Stress StressThe self destructive behaviors create more stress and more stress leads to more destructive behaviors.

And stress eats away at the body.  It destroys organs, impairs the body’s autoimmune system and slows the body’s ability to rebuild itself and recover from the ravages of time.

And stress also poisons the mind.  The mind under stress does not think clearly.  The mind under stress is enveloped in what soldiers know as the fog of war.  Unable to see clearly the mind under excessive stress knows only that it is threatened by an enemy and it is an enemy it cannot see.

One of the worst self destructive behaviors the mind and body can engage in is overeating.  If we drink ourselves into a stupor, stick needles into our arms or spend our days choking on cigarettes everybody knows we are killing ourselves.  But overeating is different and is quite socially acceptable.  So we can engage in our self destructive behavior right under the eyes of our loved ones and not encounter disapproval or rejection.  And so we continue our self destructive eating behaviors undetected by all except ourselves.  And we silently suffer miserably both physically and mentally.  Our unspoken secret is that we are killing ourselves.

And when overeating overwhelms us and all its negative consequences become the primary source of our stress we are in deep trouble.

Fasting is far from an easy solution.  But it is a certain way out of this dark box, our personal fog of war, and a certain way to break the vicious circle that threatens to choke the life out of us.

Fasting does not cost any money and can safely be done by almost anyone.  Results from fasting are immediate and start from the first day.  From a behaviorist point of view it offers immediate physical and emotional gratification.  Fasting is the ultimate anti stress pill.  Fasting can end crippling stress and can save lives.

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