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Rest and the Absence of Stress are Key Components for Stimulating Autophagy While on a Fasting Diet.

Robert Buran Stress and Diet  by Robert Buran

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When speaking of the extreme kind of diets that stimulate autophagy what is the relationship between stress and diet?  Regarding stress and diet there is a kind of historical discrepancy regarding my theoretical model for the treatment of disease.  Understand that my treatment model treats aging as a disease just like cancer.  I am suggesting that through the process of fasting and exercise that it is possible to stimulate autophagy to the degree that there is a major cleaning and rejuvenation at the cellular level of the human body.  Furthermore I am suggesting that this process not only can cure disease but can result in age reversal.

The historical discrepancy is this:  Throughout history there have unfortunately been many instances of individuals who have been thrown into prisons and concentration camps and subjected to torture by nutrient restriction in combination with hard labor.  All such victims lost huge amounts of weight and most died or were murdered.  Nevertheless a few were released, liberated or escaped.

If we accept my model literally we would expect these liberated individuals to have experienced significant autophagy and upon their liberation would rebound in such a way as to become more healthy and youthful.

Sadly this was not the case.  Many of these unfortunate souls lived haunted lives following their liberation and died prematurely. Does this discrepancy negate the legitimacy of my treatment model?  I do not think so because there is a third element that needs to be added to our two other components, near starvation and exercise, that stimulate autophagy.   That third element is rest and lack of stress.

Our hapless victims of horrific incarceration, even though they were subjected to severe nutrient deprivation and hard labor, were under unimaginable stress and could not therefore realize any benefits from autophagy.  In fact it has been shown that stress in and of itself will cause the opposite effect at the cellular level including disease and premature aging.

So if my treatment model is to work we must do everything possible to reduce the stress level of the patient.  Unfortunately we live in an environment that is inherently stressful.  stress free Stress and DietJobs can be stressful.  Marriage can be stressful.  Raising kids can be stressful.  Boredom is stressful.

As patient number one I have worked out some ways of reducing stress and making my present life as free of stress as possible.  I believe that by so doing that I not only can enjoy the full benefits of autopaghy, but I also protect myself, to a degree, from some of the potential health problems of this radical therapy.  In order to see a dramatic visual representation of my personal changes just look at the above photos.

I do for example believe that a person who is relaxed and peaceful and feeling a “oneness with the world”, could go much longer without food without negative consequences than is generally believed possible.  As anecdotal evidence of this I would offer the example Mahatma Gandhi who fasted for long periods when his body had hardly any fat reserves.  Gandhi was driven, but was not under stress; he was a confident leader who knew what he was doing and was at peace with himself and his God.

Stress and Diet are closely related insofar as stress can clearly negate all the health benefits of a restrictive diet.  In later articles I will discuss what I have done, as patient number one, to reduce my stress levels and protect myself while I undergo this miraculous transformation at a cellular level.

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