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It is Thursday evening and I am towards the end of my sixth day of fasting. I am writing this post to hold off screaming hunger. I am telling myself, stop thinking about food!

Stop Thinking About Food Stop Thinking About FoodI just did what I am always telling people not to do. I tasted. I made my son a BLT at his request after coming home from school. I mean I can make a BLT that is to die for, but I do not eat them because I do not do bread or processed meat. But I do not impose my views on my son; overall he still eats pretty healthy. And he thinks I am a great cook.

Anyway the smell of fried bacon was to die for. I am a like a caveman when it comes to meat and do not run with the green-juice-tofu crowd. When I get hungry I crave a piece of dripping meat with lots of fat on it. And I love to chew on juicy fatty bones also. Green juice? Oh gag me with a spoon!

Anyway after serving the BLT to my son and after the frying pan had cooled I went back to the kitchen and licked a couple teaspoons of bacon drippings in the pan. Oh God did it taste good and of course I loved the taste of salt as well.

So this is not really a screw up. Not many calories and it certainly will not knock me out of ketosis, but I MUST STOP RIGHT NOW and I have to stop thinking about that bacon and get this taste out of my mouth. Excuse me I am going to the kitchen and get a glass of green tea ………

Ahhh ….OK, that is better. Hey this is great stuff and will clean that bacon taste out of my mouth. I know this may offend purists, and of course I sometimes enjoy offending people, but I am addicted to watermelon like it was heroin, and so I found this watermelon flavored green tea by Lipton that is zero calories and contains no aspartame. I drink this on ice when I start getting crazy (most of the time!) and it is great. So I am toasting all those who now have the patience to read this rant.

Hunger does not build but comes in waves. I can be climbing the walls right now for more bacon fat, but be only mildly hungry in an hour and by tomorrow morning have absolutely no hunger at all.

So when you do something stupid like I just did you need to do something to stop the hunger pain and stop the emotional pain as well. GET BUSY! That is what I am doing right now. If my son were not here I might go for a walk. Balls, sometimes I have even cleaned house. Do something to get your mind off food because the wave will recede.

Well I am telling you that when I started writing this my hunger craving was about 10. Already it has dropped to 5 and I can feel the control coming back. The green tea tastes delicious.

I do not believe in partial eating while fasting. I have had many fasts of mine fall apart because of just one bite of something. One bite of the right thing during a fast can turn me into a raging animal. I tell people to “SEAL YOUR LIPS” during a water fast. I serve my son addictive watermelon for breakfast almost every morning. The little turd almost always leaves just one piece in the bowl. I believe he does this to drive me crazy. So when I am fasting I have to throw that delicious piece into the garbage can. IF I EAT THAT ONE PIECE MY FAST IS SCREWED FOR THE DAY. When I am hanging tough, losing weight and doing the fast right I SEAL MY LIPS. Leftover food is either frozen or goes into the garbage can but never into my mouth.

The cost of being thin is relentless and continuous diligence. This is not easy. Fasting is really for over achievers. If you want to fast you have to deny your survival instincts, the advice of your doctor, friends and family, and reach for the brass ring. It is the ring of freedom and triumph over misery and bad health. With fasting you become the master of your own destiny. You win doing something when so many others have failed. Fasting is the ultimate trip to self mastery and self fulfillment.

Stop thinking about food!  Yes, Yes, Yes, and damn it I am not hungry anymore!

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