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After Four Days of Fasting my Scale is Still Stuck!

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If you are not taking in any calories you have to be burning fat. The law of thermodynamics assures that.  But what if the scale won’t budge?

scale wont budge Scale Wont BudgeBut, if like me, after four days of zero calories the scale does not move, what is going on?

What is going on has to do with water. The fat is gone, but heavier water remains.

Sometimes salt is the culprit. Once I screwed up during a fast and drank a jar of pickle juice. Because all of the salt  that caused water and weight to be retained.

But another thing that can happen is that fat cells get filled with water after the fat is gone. Picture a little bubble filled with fat. The fat gets burned up for energy but then the little bubble gets filled with water. Water actually is heavier than fat so the fasting person can actually gain weight when this happens.

But the good news is the little fat cells will eventually flush out their water.

You must remember that weight loss is never going to be steady.  But if there are no calories coming in you have to be burning up fat.  I like to test myself for ketones every morning even when I know the ketone strips will show up purple.  I just tell myself that purple ketone strips means my body is burning fat.  That satisfies my emotional need to feel I am making progress every day.

Be patient and try not to not get discouraged if the scale won’t budge.

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