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Can Fasting Raise IQ?

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We know that Einstein fasted and Einstein sometimes fasted in order to think clearer.  Was he engaged in raising intelligence?

And on a personal level I know that some of my best and most radical ideas have come when I am fasting.

I have run across interesting research about how fasting stimulates neuron growth in the brain.

This is the theory from an evolutionary viewpoint. Our ancient ancestors, for about two million years, frequently faced starvation. When this happened they had to find food or they would die. Those who had a neurological response to starvation that IQ Raising Intelligenceincreased their thinking skills were more likely to remember where they last found food and how they acquired it, basic problem solving skills. These were the humans who survived starvation. Therefore having a positive neurological response to fasting or starvation became an advantage in natural selection.

We have come a long ways in the past one thousand years in the development of civilization and technology but one thousand years is nothing compared with the two million years of our evolution. We have the identical genetic makeup of our hunter gatherer ancestors. And part of that genetic makeup is that when we fast we grow additional neurons in our brains for problem solving.

The research I read was all about how these interesting phenomena could delay or prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s. But obviously the prevention of Alzheimer’s had nothing to do with the evolutionary basis of these neurological phenomena.

So I am alone on this, but I am going to raise the question anyway. If fasting can promote the growth of neurons in the brain and can do this at any age, could fasting actually raise our intelligence? Maybe Einstein was on to something.

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