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Medical Supervision of the Long Term Fast? This May be When You Probably Should Not Seek a Doctor’s Opinion.

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Regarding my own health I have seldom found doctors very helpful and I have come to trust my own judgment , particularly when it comes to diet.  In fact when it comes to food I have come to function as my OWN DOCTOR.  I just got through reading medical supervision Own Doctorsome very interesting stuff at http://www.scientificfasting.com/index.htm .  I found some very interesting things on this site.  One of the more interesting things was a discussion regarding a pioneer in fasting therapy, a Dr. Henry S Tanner ( see my article , A Great Doctor) who in 1877 gained near international notoriety by going 42 days on nothing but water and in the process curing a digestive disease he had been suffering from.  Up to that time it was generally believed that only Jesus could do that and that of course that had to do with miracles and divine intervention.  Dr. Tanner went on to advocate the 40 day fast as therapy for a wide range of diseases and was unmercifully attacked by the medical profession for his beliefs.   Given the attitudes of the medical profession Dr. Tanner also had to be his own doctor.

135 years later the medical establishment has changed little with regard their attitude about abstention from food.  If you are sick, everybody knows, including your doctor, that you need to eat to get well.

So this is my complaint.  On the above mentioned site and virtually every book I have read on fasting there is the dire warning that a person should never fast without being under the supervision of a physician.  It is like these doctors have some link to universal knowledge about health, diet and the pursuit of happiness.

You the reader must realize that we have been on this earth for about two million years and that we have had to fast, out of necessity, frequently for all that time and we have done so without problems and without medical supervision.  For our bodies fasting is a perfectly normal function and a much needed function to rid our bodies of toxins and disease.

It kind of reminds me of something that goes back to my running days.  In 1975 in order to run the Boston Marathon I had to get a doctor to sign my race application.  The Boston Athletic Association finally dropped the requirement when they kept getting many applications signed by Dr. I. Feel Fine.  The prevailing opinion among runners at the time was that you did not need a physical to start exercise; you needed a physical if you WERE NOT GOING TO EXERCISE.

And the same can be said about fasting.  I read a book by a doctor who had supervised thousands of fasts.  In not one of these fasts did any of his patients ever have a heart attack.  Fasting can make you close to bullet proof when it comes to many diseases.  So if you are not going to fast you probably should make an appointment with your local internal medicine guy.  But if you want to start fasting today you do not need him.  Fasting is natural and healthy.  Be your own doctor.

What do you think is going to be my experience if I, an old man of 68 years, takes my hardly-ever-used Medicare card in to any internal medicine doctor in this town and tell him I want to go on a 40 fast to lose weight, fix my back, relieve the arthritis in my hands and get rid of the age spots on my legs?  Of course I am going to get a referral to a psychiatrist with a geriatric specialty for possible diagnosis for Alzheimer’s disease!

So please do not talk to me about the importance of the medical supervision of my long fast.  I am not an idiot and I can feel the difference between uncomfortable sensations associated with fasting and something that is going to kill me.

I am also smart enough to be able to tell that after 32 days on this water fast that I am presently doing that I have had all the arthritis in my hands disappear, the age spots on my legs have also disappeared, my back does not bother me, my blood pressure is about the same as my 11 year old son’s and I have lost 25 pounds.   There is no medicine in the world that can do all that.   Look at the results in the above pictures.

You better believe  I did all this without any pills from my doctor.  And I have saved tax payers a lot of money and never used my Medicare insurance.

So let’s hear it for unsupervised fasting.  Let’s hear it for educating yourself and perhaps even experimenting on yourself to find the right health plan for you.  Let’s hear it for taking control of your own medical needs and learning how to take control of your own body.  Let’s hear it for getting off prescription medications.  Let’s hear it for becoming your Own Doctor.  You are your own physician and physician heal thyself!

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