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I Want to Become the World’s First 19 Year Old 75 Year Old

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My fasting has been going good except my weight loss has been very slow.  I have only lost about 15 pounds in nearly 40 days of fasting and if anything the weight loss is getting slower and my metabolism seems to be slowing as well even when I exercise.  I believe this is a function of my lower weight, lower carbohydrate diet, my advanced age and the fact that I have already done pure water fasts of 47 and 75 days respectively.  I believe my current fast could go 100 days.

My Ultimate Fasting Goals My Ultimate Fasting GoalsI do not think there is anybody in the world doing exactly what I am attempting to do so clearly this is an experiment and a very exciting experiment in my opinion.  If I was not a passionate, strong-willed, opinionated driven and just a little crazy, I could not possibly be doing this.

My fast is medically unsupervised and I reject pharmacological-based medicine as a failed science.

I am attempting to use the long water fast and moderate exercise to stimulate maximum autophagy and age reversal (see my article, Autophagy).

If I attain my weight goal of 139 pounds I will be 6 pounds below what I was when I was a 19 year old bean pole.  This is biological alchemy, albeit with a scientific basis, and subsequently I expect my body and perhaps even my mind will put up a ferocious fight to avoid this radical transformation.  The back problems mentioned below could be just the beginning of the many obstacles my fasting body may throw up to attempt to block these miracles of long distance, water-only fasting.

But even if I do attain this weight goal of 139 pounds I am not going to stop there.  In 1975 I ran the Boston Marathon in a time of just over 2 hours and 50 minutes.  That is 26 consecutive miles averaging six and a half minutes per mile.  Below is a photo Boston Marathon cirtificatesmall My Ultimate Fasting Goalsof my Boston Athletic Association Certificate.  I also ran two 50 mile ultra marathons while training up to 120 miles per week.



When I regain my 19 year old form it is my intention to begin the arguably quixotic pursuit of repeating these athletic performances of my youth.  I will do this by using the simple physiological mechanism of adaptation by gradually increasing stress loads on my refurbished body.  Being as this is not casual fun running I am going to give myself 3 to 5 years to get there and if my objectives are attained it would make me the first 19 year old 75 year old in the world.  I feel that this would be fairly solid verification of my theories regarding water fasting, autophagy and age reversal.  I am prepared to endure a lot of ridicule along the way.

Regardless I have recently experienced a rather serious physical problem that concerned me.  I had a re-occurrence about two weeks ago of a back problem that I had not experienced for nearly 5 years.  I had not even experienced this when I weighed 260 pounds.  Regardless, even with the back problem, I could still sit at my computer and work.

But about 5 days ago this pain wrapped itself around my butt and halfway down my right leg in such a way that sitting in a chair was like sitting in an electric chair.  I started doing a lot of crawling on the floor and even sleeping on the floor.  I make my living writing and I discovered writing while lying down was nearly impossible.  I felt even my brain did not function the same laying down.

I was checking out chiropractors yesterday, but then last night I suddenly realized my condition was improving and I was able to sit a couple of hours at the computer and work.  So I am now hoping to fast my way out of this latest pain.

In spite of the discomforts there is something that is incredibly enthralling about a long water fast and I find myself spending hours simply contemplating and admiring the beauty and order of our universe.  There is so much out there that we miss when just living our ordinary lives.  I do not wish to sound condescending but I am up here and I feel very much above it all.  It is really a happy time.  This is the most exciting trip of my life and I do not mind sharing it.

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