Keeping Anger and Appetite in Check.

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Have you ever thought that meditation could help you lose weight?  Most of us overeat as a reaction to stress.  Most stress is anger related.  Getting mad is all too common and unfortunately is one of the most destructive of all emotions.  Anger eats at you and causes a paralysis of rational thought.  If you experience too much anger it will even start eating away at your organs.  I had a friend, psychiatrist Thaddeus Kostrubala, author of The Joy of Running, who suggested to me that he had seen men that became so angry regarding their divorce settlements that they developed cancer.  Kostrubala recommended running as therapy and a way to cope with the anger arising from stressful situations that you can meditation Meditationdo nothing about.

But not everyone can run. But everyone can think.  Anybody can meditate.

When I was a child we had a big front yard filled with apple trees.  My mother’s kitchen had a window overlooking the yard where she could watch me playing.  One day she saw me lying in the grass with my dog staring up at one of the apple trees.  At first she thought little of it, but when observing that a full hour later I had not moved she became concerned and walked out into the yard to check on me.  When she asked me if something was wrong I said no, but I was just wondering about something.  “Mommy how can those grasshoppers jump off that branch without breaking their legs?”

I have never read a single book on meditation, but I have always had the ability to disassociate myself from the “noise” around me and become totally engrossed in my own thoughts.  It is for me the most relaxing thing to do and also very productive and creative.  It is during this time I get my best ideas.

Being able to tune out the noise of your surroundings is also an appetite suppressor and can help you with fasting.  As I am writing this now I feel no hunger because I am totally focused on what I want to communicate in this article.

Most all anger is directed at other people.  The other people may frequently be seen as abusive, unreasonable, loud, obnoxious and stupid.  And furthermore it is frequently possible that there is nothing we can do to shut them up or to remove them from our space.

When that happens it is best not to get angry, but to remove yourself mentally from the space the object of your anger occupies.  Focusing on some project is one way, but if you do not have a project you can just meditate and entertain yourself with your own creative thoughts and ideas.

I know of one psychologist who attempts to teach people that life is really just a series of games.  If one sees people as just playing games it becomes easier to dismiss the anger that they cause.  Most of the things we get angry about are in fact pretty stupid.  But the cumulative effect of this day to day anger can cause many psychological disturbances and one of the most destructive of these disturbances is overeating.

So my suggestion is that the next time you feel the refrigerator calling you relax instead and try to put your mind in another place and away from the stress that is probably making the refrigerator irresistible.  People often behave like funny little puppets.  Laugh at them perhaps, but do not get upset over such silly things.  Don’t let those funny little puppets defeat you by making you turn on yourself with repressed anger.  Try to think of your best ideas or try solving a problem that has been vexing you.  Relax while you are doing this and soon you will stop thinking about the those funny little puppets and your urge to hit the refrigerator and its destructive contents.

Learning the skill to remove your mind, using meditation, from stressful situations and stressful people, is important for your physical and mental health as well as eating control.  Practice it.  It is really am amazing health-enhancing tool and can be very stimulating and interesting as well.  Fasting, love and a kind of oneness-with-the-world go hand and hand.  Do not let the stress of anger encumber your precious fasting experience.

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