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I Cannot be Held Liable For What You Do With Information on this Website

me4web Medical Disclaimer

By Robert Buran

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Important, please read carefully:

I have fasted at least 100 times and have done two really long fasts of 47 days and 75 days each.  I have experienced extraordinary positive results from these activities and as a result fasting, exercise and autophagy have become almost obsessions of mine.  This web site is about my obsession and passion for these subjects.

Nevertheless it would be presumptuous of me to assume you are going to experience all the wonderful results I have.  I am not a doctor and I cannot predict your results.  I HOPE you will experience what I have experienced and I hope you will share your experiences with me.

However, long term fasting is very strong medicine and can produce some unpleasant physical reactions.  In rare cases people have died from fasting.  You and perhaps your doctor must decide what is serious and what is not.

Starting a program such as this is strictly YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  It is NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY and I cannot be held liable in any way for your decisions regarding how you interpret information on this web site and what you decide to do with that information.  

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