How to Screw up an Apple

Why Must we Alter Natural Whole Food?

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How to screw up an apple?  Its really easy; Just put it through a juicer or food processor.  Health conscious parents would probably recoil at the prospect of putting Coke in a sippy cup for their one year old child, but the same parents might not think twice of putting apple juice in that same sippy cup.

How to Screw Up an Apple How to Screw up an Apple Doctors are now saying there may be little difference between Coke and apple juice.

A growing body of science is linking sweet drinks, natural or otherwise, to a host of child health concerns including everything from bulging bellies to tooth decay.

All of these beverages are largely the same. They are 100 percent sugar,” Dr. David Ludwig, an expert on pediatric obesity at Children’s Hospital Boston, said recently. “Juice is only minimally better than soda.”

One of the most heinous of nutritional crimes has been food processing that removes fiber from fresh whole fruits and vegetables.  For example an apple contains about 60 calories, can take 20 minutes to eat and because of the fiber, can fill you up.  But take that same apple and run it through a juicer or food processor and you get a surgery drink that can be downed with a couple of swallows.

The fiber that juicers and food processors remove from fresh, whole natural foods has been associated with not only filling you up but with reduced cancer and cardiovascular disease risk.  Food processing is, by definition, any process that adds or subtracts things from natural foods.  Juicing is one of the worst of food processing technologies, if only because a large segment of the public has been sold on the idea that this is healthy food processing because it “concentrates micro nutrients” that supposedly clean the cells of the body. In truth this is bogus nutritional science.  In truth this food processing has only removed one of the most important ingredients of whole natural food.  Adults are at risk of buying into this food industry propaganda, but the real potential victims are our children.

Parents who would never think of bringing Coke into the home may nevertheless encourage drinking juice because of its good-for-you image.  Although a little juice may be OK the good-for-you image may be vastly over stated.  Processed juice is essentially water and sugar and differs little from soft drinks. In fact, a 12-ounce bottle of grape soda has 159 calories. The same amount of unsweetened grape juice packs 228 calories.
The $10 billion juice industry maintains that a conclusive link between its products and obesity has yet to be established, but researchers say sugar is sugar, and sweet drinks of any kind must be consumed with care.

In my opinion juicing is a crock.  In my opinion the juicing movement is just another food fad being promoted with near religious zeal.  But it is a very dangerous religion because of the high carbohydrate content of these highly processed drinks.  There is an increasingly huge body of research showing that this country is fat because of our excess carbohydrate consumption and fascination with processed food.  Juicing is the processing of fresh whole foods and it clearly renders them far less healthy.

For the sake of ourselves and our children we do not need another diet fad that promotes extremely high carbohydrate intake and the processing of whole natural foods.  Please let us stop from screwing up the apple.

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