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I am Guilty of Santa Claus Denial

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Most young kids believe in Santa Claus and people who deny the existence of Santa Claus to such kids are not always looked upon with favor. We adults do not believe in Santa Claus, but ever once in a while something comes along that seems like Santa Claus for adults.  Like watching the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

I think this movie falls into that category. It is the story of a really nice Australian guy named Joe Cross that comes to America with a car and a juicer plugged into his cigarette lighter. He spends 60 days traveling around drinking nothing but fruit and Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Fat Sick and Nearly Deadvegetable juice and talking to a lot of people. Joe calls what he is doing fasting.  Joe is upbeat and healthy but practically nobody else he talks to in America is healthy.

The movie talks a lot about micro nutrients in fruit and vegetables and in order to get the most possible micro nutrients Joe puts pounds and pounds of fruit through his juicer to remove the fiber and concentrate the micro nutrients into green drinks that he drinks all day. The movie claims that these micro nutrients are like miracle drugs that cure everything from rashes to high blood pressure.

Along the way Joe meets Phil the truck driver and converts him to dieting solely on liquid fruits and vegetables as well.

Also along the way we are lectured as to why we are fat. It has to do with our Dole Fat Sick and Nearly Deadconsumption of meat, saturated fat and animal products. A truly healthy diet is one made up of just vegetables and fruit. The show is sponsored by the Dole Fruit Corporation.

What Phil and Joe are able to do with this diet seems like a miracle. Phil drops 91 pounds in 60 days and Joe drops 83 pounds in 60 days. Just like a kind of Santa Claus fairy tale for fat adults Joe breaks his fast after 60 days by eating an apple in a hot air balloon over Albuquerque, New Mexico. Wow.

The problem is that this is just a fairy tale sponsored and promoted by Big Food Inc. The show’s sponsors sell fruits and vegetables.  It is a fake story and never happened the way it is shown in the movie.

My proving that is really easy.

I will make only one assumption; the all fruit and vegetable diet these guys consume daily contains at least 1,000 calories.  In truth their diet probably contains a lot more calories, but let us give the Dole Fruit folks the benefit of the doubt.  Remember also there is virtually no fat, protein or fiber in this juicer diet.  Joe calls it fasting like Jesus did, but keep in mind this is not a zero calorie diet that usually defines fasting, and it is nearly a 100% carbohydrate diet.

The other facts I assume are that their resting metabolism probably burns 2500 calories per day and that there are 3500 calories in a pound of body fat.

Therefore if Joe loses 83 pounds in 60 days he is losing 1.38 pounds per day. Similarly if Phil loses 91 pounds in 60 days he is losing 1.51 pounds per day.

Therefore for Joe to lose the weight he claims to have lost in 60 days he must run a calorie deficit of 5,835 daily. Being as he only burns 2,500 calories at rest he must walk 33 miles per day for 60 days to lose the weight he claims to lose.

Regarding Phil: In order for him to lose the weight he claims to have lost he must run a daily calorie deficit of 6,285 calories. Being as he only burns 2,500 calories at rest he must walk 38 miles per day for 60 days to lose the weight he claims to lose.

Nobody can make substantial arguments with my figures. This is pretty straight forward metabolic science combined with simple mathematics.

This movie is a fake and it could never have happened the way it is presented. I also spent a lot of time slowing down the spinning before and after pictures of Joe, pictured above, so I could present them here so you could view them objectively.

I am kind of an expert regarding long fasts because I lost 91 pounds, a little more than Joe did. I did two long water fasts, with no calorie intake, one for 47 days and another for 75 days. I also did a lot of shorter fasts and it still took me a total of four years to get from my before picture to my after picture. And I am telling you there is no way in hell anybody goes from the enclosed picture 1 of Joe to the enclosed picture 2 in 60 days even with the assistance of a plastic surgeon. It cannot be done. The enclosed pictures cannot have been taken only 60 days apart. This movie is a fake.

And if you believe in this movie, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, produced by Big Food Incorporated, you must also believe in alien abductions, the tooth fairy and Santa Claus.


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