One Cannot Mix Fasting with Food Anymore than you can Mix Music with Traffic Noises.

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I have been doing some surfing today and trying to get my mind off food.

I ran across this quote:

“Do concentrate on activities during the fast. Be careful of chewing gums during a fasting Fastingfast, as that “signals eating” to the hypothalamus. Indeed any form of taste tends to cause your digestive system to maintain activity and that slows down the switch to pure catabolism. Also consider maintaining activities that allow your body to mobilize AND eliminate the toxins… thus active fasting is practically always more effective than the passive approach.”

I agree and yet I have seen on fasting forums that people insist of eating just a little something in order to keep their digestive systems active.  Somehow they reason that if it is under 500 calories or is juice it is still fasting.

It is not clear to me why anybody would want to keep their digestive system active during a fast.  The whole purpose of fasting is to shut the digestive system down and that is when real benefits to the body begin. Food in the gut corrupts the fasting process.

Calorie restriction certainly benefits the body because it causes weight loss.  Eating only 500 calories per day will most certainly cause weight loss.  But calorie restriction is not fasting; it is something else.

I find that when people start to talk about weight loss they often start talking about food.  I would suggest that to be really serious about weight loss it is more important to talk of the absence of food.

Fasting has the capacity to cure many diseases and to clean the body of waste at the cellular level.  Fasting holds the promise restoring our bodies to incredible health and even the promise of reversing aging.  But this means real fasting and living in absence of food.

And I for one am going to protest the mixing of food with fasting sometimes called intermittent fasting or IF.  Fasting means not taking in anything but water and fasting means shutting down the digestive system.  I have nothing against calorie restriction.  At some point in my life I am going to have to practice calorie restriction.  But you cannot mix fasting with food anymore than you can mix music with traffic noises.  Fasting is, by definition, the absence of food.

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