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Surprisingly enough I think Eating and Sex are closely related.  I hate to say it, but I have gone on at least a hundred diets in my life and only once have I done this for health.  Health is a lousy reason to lose weight.  But trust me it is love that will get you really motivated to lose weight.

Ah yes, always in the past it has not been the good doctor that has moved me to lose weight; it has almost always been some big eyed girl.  It is a well known fact that falling in love causes many physiological changes; the eyes become brighter, the skin more radiant and the hair… well let’s just say you are less likely to have a bad hair day when you are in love!

But the change that is most relevant to this discussion is the tendency for the lover’s body to lose weight.  It is an amazing phenomenon.  When I am in love I can just think of that big eyed girl and turn off my appetite.  Once one of my lovers and I had a game we would play.  We would sit in a public place and watch couples walking by and then decide if the couple was mostly eating or mostly screwing.  It was not rocket science.

Eating and Sex Eating and SexThis is not just a guy thing either.  I once had a female move in with me and she was, shall I say, very interested and immediately went to eating one quiche a day.  And at 5’4” she got to 95 pounds very quickly and was stunning.  She insisted it was very easy.  We were not mostly eating.

It is well known that many newly engaged women drop weight without even trying from the stress and anxiety of planning a wedding.  It is also well known that many women GAIN weight from the stress and anxiety from working or raising a family.

I know there is something physiological going on here.  Once I was out of all relationships and rather fat.  I decided I needed the “love pill” to lose weight.  There were no real women available at the time and so I found a picture of a pretty girl in a magazine.  I gave her a name and fantasized about her all the time.  I dreamed about smelling her, kissing her and loving her.  I also picked out “our song” and listened to it on a portable player wherever I went.  I tricked my body into thinking I was in love and it worked; I started to lose weight.  After the weight loss the fantasies again became a reality.  For a dramatic visual representation of changes in my own sexuality please see the above pictures.

I am not alone.  New York City-based model and actress Kerry McCloskey lost 23 pounds in the six months after she got engaged, but it wasn’t from stress. It was from sex — lots of it!

“It was during a particular time of romance and passion after I got engaged and I saw the effects that increased sex had on my body,” she said. This epiphany led to more research and her new book called the Ultimate Sex Diet.  “I felt better immediately,” McCloskey says, “because sex is a mood enhancer; the more you have it, the more endorphins that are released.” Endorphins are the brain’s feel-good chemicals.

“It begins with thinking sexy thoughts and making sex a priority,” she says of her sex diet. “I recommend having sex three to five times per week, which can be accomplished by doubling up on the weekends, ” McCloskey says. On average, sex burns 150 to 250 calories per half hour. “Since it’s free and so much fun, I’ve found making love is the ultimate exercise machine.”

So there may be some new rules for eating and sex. Weight loss, fasting and exercise need not be so difficult or boring.  If you are overweight and feeling like you are trapped in a box try thinking outside the box.  And you may find that your new thoughts, outside the box, may be very sexy!

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