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At one time I thought my problem with coffee was almost as bad as my problem with food.  Admittedly I never used fat free light creamer.  Because I am a kind of a modified Atkins man I used heavy cream, which is whipping cream without the sugar, which has zero carbohydrates.  I then sweetened this delicious brew with Stevia that is supposed to be carbohydrate and calorie free.

Atkins coffee?  I do not think so.  This mixture tasted like a malted milk to me and much better than anything Star Bucks serves.  I could not just drink one cup; I routinely had three cups within an hour of waking up.  I work at home trading stocks and running a couple web sites and so I would just keep drinking this stuff all day and sometimes would drink 10 plus cups in a day.  I need to write and be creative and I convinced myself that I could not write creatively without drinking this brew.  And forgive my graphic description, but it was making me pee more than beer.

And added to that it made me hungry and so I ate more in addition to drinking the coffee.  Although this mixture may have not had carbohydrates, I am convinced coffee Coffeebecause it tasted sweet to me it stimulated insulin output.  Increased insulin output also stimulates appetite and the body’s efficiency at storing fat.  Increased insulin output also decreases the body’s efficiency at burning fat.  You could call insulin the fat hormone.  It also caused me to have night sweats.

It was most certainly a real addiction and was causing me weight gain and out-of control eating.  And so sadly I have added it to my list of things I love that I cannot have.

The good news is that after about 30 days of water fasting I really lost all of my urge to drink my magic brew.  I have been off it now for about four months and have no plans on going back to it.

It is an unfortunate reality that most truly worthwhile things in life (like having the body and health we want) involves some degree of self denial, discipline and yes, even discipline and pain.

I try to take it one day at a time.

Coffee is a Most Powerful Amphetamine; should it be Illegal?

There are many reasons for giving up coffee, but this is one you may not have thought of.  If you practically never take caffeine and if you have no tolerance for caffeine you can use it in an emergency just like taking a high powered amphetamine.

Recently my son and I drove to the California coast, to camp, but were surprised there were no camp sites that were not full nor were there any motels with vacancy signs.  We were stuck with no place to sleep.  To return home meant driving another 400 miles or 800 miles total for the day.  Normally I could not do this without some rest.

So we stopped at a 7-11 and I bought one medium cup of coffee and man did it wire me.  With just one cup of coffee I was flying high and got us home easily.  If I had been a coffee drinker I would have had tolerance for caffeine and it would have taken a gallon of coffee to keep me awake and it would have made me sick.  But with no tolerance for caffeine I was able to safely drive 800 miles in 17 hours on only one cup of Joe.

In such an emergency I will drink coffee and it is nice to know that in an emergency I can have legal access to such a powerful drug that works so well keeping me alert and awake for nearly 24 hours.

I think that alone is reason enough to give up coffee.

The Case against Joe: 

In addition to the issue of saving coffee use for emergencies only I wrote this piece about my 800 mile 17 hour automobile tour of the California Coast, on a single cup of Joe, for another purpose.

It seems most people are so addicted to caffeine and have built up such a tolerance for it, from drinking coffee, tea, Coke, Pepsi etc. that they come to believe that caffeine is a mild and quite harmless drug.  And I am sure that many might say it is not a drug; it is a food!

But if I, who now eschews all caffeine, and therefore has no tolerance for the drug, drinks but one cup and is totally buzzed for nearly 24 hours, does that not suggest that caffeine is in fact a powerful drug?

And if it is a powerful drug is it harmless?  Well I do not know if I can comment on that, but this is what I can comment on.  Caffeine was not consumed for nearly 2 million years by our ancient ancestors.  Our body treats it as a foreign substance, just like alcohol, and sends it off to the liver for detoxification.

So when we are fasting and drink coffee at the same time we add to the toxic load already being placed on the liver that is already very busy trying to clean everything else up.  Drinking coffee and caffeinated tea while fasting is much better than not fasting at all, but it is possible that you are slowing down the detox benefits of a healthy pure water fast.

The bottom line: Coffee is bad news and if you are going to fast you should consider giving it up.

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