Third Long Fast

I Ended this to Tone Down Anger

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At Midnight October 20, 2012 I ended my third long fast, which like my first long fast in 2010 lasted 47 days.

I ended this fast because of what I might describe as free floating anger.  I believe that during long fasts we not only detoxify our physical bodies, but we detoxify our Third Long Fast Third Long Fastminds as well.  It is not unusual for a long term faster to begin experiencing emotions from ones past.

But I was really having problems dealing with emotions dealing with anger.  I really believe that anger is a most dangerous emotion for both our minds and our physical health.  I do believe in karma and have a Buddhist’s peaceful view of life and the universe.

And so I have ended the fast at 47 days.  This fast did not produce the dramatic weight loss of my previous fasts.  I lost 21 pounds in 47 days.  But I also was retracing progress that I had already made during my last 75 day fast that ended July 31, 2012.  In other words I had about a 16 pound bounce following the 75 day fast.  During the bounce period of about six weeks I went from 169 pounds to 185 pounds.  A 7 to 10 pound bounce would be expected and that would have little to do with weight gain.  So I probably did gain about 8 pounds following my 75 day fast during which I had lost 56 pounds total.

I ended the 75 day fast at 169 pounds, but I had dry fasted the last 36 hours and so that was a dehydrated 169 pounds.  On this third long fast I ended at 164 pounds, only five pounds lighter, but I was much hydrated when I ended it.  Therefore my overall weight loss may have been greater than the 5 pound loss from the previous low.

In any case I think I appear thinner in the above picture taken at the end of my third long fast than I appear at the end of my second long fast and I believe the difference is more than five pounds.  A friend also said I appear younger and of course age reversal through autophagy is the ultimate objective of these long fasts.

I intend to resume feeding with a calorie restricted diet of mostly vegetables and lean meats.  I will stay focused on my ultimate objective which is a fasting weight of 139 pounds.  I am 6 feet tall and this would give me a BMI of about 18.9.  That is good for long distance running training.  I expect to resume fasting in the near future.

I ended my third long fast with watermelon and grapes and experienced no difficulties.

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