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Fasting Can dramatically Change your Lipid Profile in only 30 Days While Maintaining Necessary Electrolytes, Minerals and Protein.

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In the early summer of 2008 I was hospitalized and nearly died. I weighed 260 lbs ( you can see the before pictures above), was pre diabetic, suffered from blood clots and nearly had a heart attack.  My blood chemistry profile was horrible.

I subsequently lost about 90 pounds and after about 50 fasts ranging in length for one to seventy five days I have made a full recovery and am extremely healthy and active.

Throughout this period of recovery I have pretty much avoided doctors but every 30 to 90 days I have paid to get a Comprehensive MetaBlood Chemisrty Blood Chemistrybolic profile and Lipid profile sent directly to me and without seeing a doctor. I therefore have a record of more than four years of this kind of data while I was doing regular fasting. I did this to see if there was a relationship between fasting and these results. I am going to present today the easiest part of this study to understand.

For this first presentation I wanted to find a profile that was done after at least 30 days of normal feeding followed by 30 days of eating nothing and then followed by another profile.  In other words I did a pure water fast for 30 days between blood chemistry tests.

The first profile after 30 days of feeding was done on 8/12/10 and was followed by 30 days of eating nothing and was then followed by another profile done on 9/11/10. I lost about 20 pounds during those 30 days and was 68 years old.

These are some of the results after 30 days of pure water fasting:

Glucose serum went from 92 mg/dl to 73 mg/dl NORMAL
Normal is 65 to 99 and diabetic would be about 120 or higher.

Sodium Serum went from 137 mmol/L to 137 mmol/L unchanged NORMAL
135 to 145 is normal

Potassium serum went from 4.0 mmol/L to 3.2 mmol/L SLIGHTLY LOW
3.5 to 5.2 is normal

Chloride serum went from 104 mmol/L to 99 mmol/L NORMAL
97 to 108 is normal

Calcium serum went from 9.5 mg/dl to 9.1 mg/dl NORMAL
8.6 to 10.2 is normal

Protein Serum went from 6.8 g/dl to 6.6 g/dl NORMAL
6.0 to 8.5 is normal


Total Cholesterol went from 263 to 185 NORMAL
100 -199 is normal

Triglycerides went from 307 to159 SLIGHTLY HIGH
1-149 is normal

HDL “GOOD” Cholesterol went from 45 mg/dl to 43 mg/dl NORMAL
Normal is anything greater than 39

VLDL Cholesterol went from 61 mg/dl to 32 mg/dl NORMAL
Normal is 5 – 40

LDL “BAD” Cholesterol went from157 mg/dl to 110 mg/dl SLIGHTLY HIGH
Normal is 0-99


It should be noted that with the exception of a slightly low potassium reading all electrolyte, protein and mineral tests remained normal after 30 days of fasting. I have argued that people worry needlessly about electrolytes and mineral and vitamin depletion during a long water fast. The body is quite capable of maintaining normal levels of all these things during complete abstinence from food. The fasting body is a healthy body and in any health crisis I would prefer to be fasting rather than to be eating. This study on just one person supports that belief.

The lipid profile certainly demonstrates the profound positive effect the long pure water fast can have on the lipid profile in just four weeks. Total Cholesterol dropped from a pretty high 266 to a very normal 185 in just 30 days. There is no medication in the world that could come even close to attaining these kinds of results.

The long term pure water fast is truly a miracle “drug”. It is the undiscovered cure for just about everything in the 21st century. As the above case demonstrates it was able to completely correct all my blood chemistry irregularities in just 30 days.

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