Autophagy May Promise Age Reversal at the Cellular Level

Robert Buran Autophagy  by Robert Buran

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Autophagy (pronounced something like oh TUFF ah gee) sounds like a disease, but autophagy is a normal biological process. During the process, organelles called lysosomes break down waste products inside the cells. Lysosomes break down worn-out organelles, digest food particles, and destroy viruses and bacteria.

Autophagy is Greek for self eating.  It has been showed through research that when a cell is starved it will, before it dies, start digesting itself.  The good news is that it will start digesting the above-mentioned garbage in the cell first.  This garbage accumulates as the cell ages and so the process , in theory, actually reverses the aging of the cell and improves its heath significantly.

Autophagic pathay AutophagyIt is believed that from an evolutionary perspective this process developed to protect us from starvation.  The accumulated junk in our cells can be used as energy after most of our fat reserves are gone.

But when the cells are cleaned of junk they become much healthier cells and do in fact resemble much younger cells in appearance and function.  Autophagy is age reversal at the cellular level. 

Obviously this process would appear to have the potential to reverse aging.

Very recent research has also demonstrated that exercise also stimulates this process.

I am proposing a treatment model for disease, including aging, that would involve self induced “autophagy fasting” using long fasts in combination with as much exercise as is possible to stimulate the process to the maximum.  This  stimulation would be taken to the point that the body gets something of a major overhaul and reverses the aging process at the cellular level.  Other independent researchers have already noted that in clinical studies fasting seems to result in remarkable rejuvenation of “protoplasm” and making the protoplasm appear more youthful than before the fast.

But this is very strong medicine and I have compared it to chemo therapy or radiation therapy used to treat cancer.  Like chemo therapy or radiation therapy it can make the patient sick.  This treatment model also sees aging not as a natural process but as a disease that can be treated just as cancer can be treated.

To date I am patient number one (please see the pictures above ) and these ideas, based only on my own experience and research, remain largely theoretical and anecdotal.  I am not a medical doctor and my experimentation on myself is done without medical supervision.

Also I should add that based on my own experience and research I would add to “autophagy fasting” and exercise, a third element which may be just as important for stimulating autophagy and protecting the patient from serious illness.  I discuss this in another article, Rest and the Absence of Stress.


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