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This picture is what, in my dreams, I hope to be something like again.  It was taken at Hopkinton Massachusetts at the start of the Boston Marathon.  The lady is my mother.  I was in the withmomatboston About Mebest shape of my life, was running over 100 miles per week, and weighed 155 pounds, my high school weight. I have yet to attain this magic weight again.   I ran the 26.2 mile race in 2:50:56 finishing 564th out of about 2500 qualified runners.  It was April 21, 1975 and I was 32 years old.

My name is Robert Buran and I live in Reno Nevada.  I was born on September 14, 1943 in Madison Wisconsin.  I graduated from Madison West High School in 1961.  I earned a Bachelors degree in English and Spanish, and a Master’s degree and EDS in school psychology, all from the University of Wisconsin.  I practiced psychology in Alpena Michigan and Redlands California for about 15 years.  I left psychology and became a full time commodities futures trader in 1988.  I wrote some books about finance that I still sell and I presently trade stocks and run another web site at www.short-term-stocktrading.com

Some people may think of me as a little crazy or perhaps just a little fanatical.  I have been banned from at least one other fasting site.  This does not bother me because I recognize that my ideas may be a little radical for most people.  I nevertheless remain committed to researching these ideas and using myself as the primary subject of my experiments.  My research and my experiments are continuing and ongoing and I will report the results, good and bad, here.

I am a single dad, age 72,  and raise my only child, a 14 year old gifted male 9th grader, unassisted.  We run together,  People do not mistake me for being my son’s grandfather.

This is the two of us in September 2015:

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