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In 2008, just shortly before the above “before” pictures were taken, I was hospitalized and nearly died of complications of obesity.  I saved my own life with fasting, restrictive calorie dieting and some moderate exercise.  I lost about 90 pounds and attained extraordinary health and felt and looked like a much younger man.

Nobody was more surprised by this transformation than I and I started an ongoing study of this process that had become my personal fountain of youth.  This study  has pretty much Fasting and Healing The Fat Stops Herecome to dominate all other interests of mine.  I am presently writing a book about it and have of course developed this web site and written all the articles listed below.

If you are interested in quite literally turning back the clock and becoming more like you once were or perhaps even becoming something you never were before, you can start by reading the many free articles I have posted on this website.  I have written all these articles myself:

Autophagic pathay1 The Fat Stops Here  Autophagy – Autophagy May Promise Age Reversal at the Cellular   Level.  Autophagy (pronounced something like oh TUFF ah gee) sounds like a disease, but autophagy is a normal biological process. During the process, organelles called lysosomes break down waste products inside the cells.  Read the entire post

Eating and Sex1 The Fat Stops Here  Eating and Sex -  Surprisingly enough I think Eating and Sex are closely related.  I hate to say it, but I have gone on at least a hundred diets in my life and only once have I done this for health.  Health is a lousy reason to lose weight.  But trust me it is love that will get you really motivated to lose weight.  Read the entire post

Fasting and Dietary Supplementation1 The Fat Stops Here  Dietary Supplementation -  Should we be concerned about dietary supplementation?  When I started restricting my food intake and particularly when I went on my first long fast of 47 days I naturally started to worry about developing vitamin deficiency diseases and other disease associated with nutrient deficiencies.  Read the entire post

stress free1 The Fat Stops Here  Stress and Diet -   Rest and the Absence of Stress are Key Components for Stimulating Autophagy While on a Fasting Diet.  When speaking of the extreme kind of diets that stimulate autophagy what is the relationship between stress and diet?  Regarding stress and diet there is a kind of historical discrepancy regarding my theoretical model for the treatment of disease.  Read the entire post

High Fructose Corn Syrup The Fat Stops Here  High Fructose Corn Syrup  I recently watched an interesting three part series done by the British Broadcasting Corporation.  It was called “The People Who Made Us Fat”.   The programs had a lot to say about High Fructose Corn Syrup.  From the British viewpoint “The People Who Made Us Fat” are Americans.  Read the entire post

Anorexia1 The Fat Stops Here  Anorexia  -   Researchers Astonished by Anorexia Death Rates.  Can Fasting and Weight Loss Cause a Deadly Mental Illness?   Anorexia or Anorexia nervosa, as psychiatrists know only too well, is a dangerous illness with a high rate of premature death.  But exactly how dangerous has become clearer—the result of a nationwide longitudinal study conducted by Swedish scientists. Read the entire post

meditation1 The Fat Stops Here  Meditation – Have you ever thought that meditation could help you lose weight?  Most of us overeat as a reaction to stress.  Most stress is anger related.  Getting mad is all too common and unfortunately is one of the most destructive of all emotions.  Anger eats at you and causes a paralysis of rational thought.  Read the entire post

walking for exercise The Fat Stops Here  Walking for Exercise -  Walking for exercise can rejuvenate both the mind and the body.  If you can do it exercise can enhance your fasting experience.  Exercise can not only stimulate natural growth hormone, but according to some very recent research it also stimulates autophagy, a process by which cells digest their own garbage and thereby become younger and more efficient.  I believe in fact that autophagy is the primary process involved in biological age reversal at the cellular level. Read the entire post

What to Eat The Fat Stops Here  What to Eat - What to Eat; that is the question! At some point you must break your long fast and resume eating.  Keeping your newly slender figure will not be easy. Read the entire post

A Great DoctorI just finished reading a little book, Forty Days Without Food, a biography of the fasting exploits of a nineteenth century physician, Dr. Henry S Tanner.   I believe that Dr. Tanner was A Great Doctor.  In 1877 Dr. Tanner suffered from an ailment known then as gastric fever.  It was so severe that he went to the home of another physician and vowed to stop eating until either he got better or died.  Read the entire post

What Not to DrinkOne would think that after 68 years and some devotion to healthy living that I would have learned What Not to Drink.  But on day 5 of one of my fasts I did something kind of dumb.  I ordered an extra large diet coke at the movies. Read the entire post

Own Doctor - Regarding my own health I have seldom found doctors very helpful and I have come to trust my own judgment , particularly when it comes to diet.  In fact when it comes to food I have come to function as my OWN DOCTOR.   Read the entire post

Human Growth HormoneThere has been a massive amount of research on Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and I will not attempt to cover it all here.  But basically researchers have found that when they inject people with HGH they lose weight, gain muscle mass even without exercise, look younger and feel great.  HGH has been associated with both weight loss and age reversal. Read the entire post  

Raising Intelligence We know that Einstein fasted and Einstein sometimes fasted in order to think clearer.  Was he engaged in raising intelligence?    And on a personal level I know that some of my best and most radical ideas have come when I am fasting.    I have run across interesting research about how fasting stimulates neuron growth in the brain.  Read the entire post

CoffeeAt one time I thought my problem with coffee was almost as bad as my problem with food.  Admittedly I never used fat free light creamer.  Because I am a kind of a modified Atkins man I used heavy cream, which is whipping cream without the sugar, which has zero carbohydrates.  I then sweetened this delicious brew with Stevia that is supposed to be carbohydrate and calorie free.   Atkins coffee?  I do not think so.  This mixture tasted like a malted milk to me and much better than anything Star Bucks serves.  Read the entire post

Stress - Stress is monster.  Stress is a monster that haunts most of us.  And stress is a monster that can kill some of us. Some stress is healthy.  Many people strive for greater things because of stress and succeed.  The great American dream is a poor boy like Abraham Lincoln or a poor girl like Oprah Winfrey, who become unhappy with the way things are, make changes and achieve greatness.  But if we are put into a situation where stress overwhelms us it can paralyze us, trap us and lead to very self destructive behaviors.  Read the entire post

KetosisI am writing this brief article on my third day of pure water fasting partly to relieve a little boredom and partly to stay focused on fasting.  But as I sit here typing I realize I am not really hungry at all and I am wondering why.  Read the entire post

Can’t SleepWhy Can’t I Sleep?  It is 3:00 AM and I am wide awake after about four hours of sleep. I mean I am WIDE AWAKE. I feel totally rested and my brain is going a mile a minute. I feel really good and I want to write, but everybody else in the house is asleep; my son is sleeping, the cats are sleeping and even the fish and the bird are sleeping.  But I can’t sleep!  Read the entire post

Control Hungercontrol hunger.  Most of us have experienced raging hunger. It is when we feel so hungry that no amount of will power can stop us from hitting the refrigerator. And after we eat something we really are not satisfied and so we hit the refrigerator again and again and again.  Read the entire post

40 Day FastI do not think anybody with a real job is going to be able to do a 3 to 4 week fast, let alone a 40 day fast while working.  There are simply too many ups and downs.  Sometimes you have energy and other times you can barely get out of the chair.  Sometimes your mind is sharp as a tack and other times it is pure mush. Sometimes you just want to sleep. All this is perfectly normal and is, in and of itself, no reason to stop fasting.  Read the entire post

Weight Loss CenterObesity is epidemic in this country and may soon start killing more people than any other disease. Modern medicine is really at a loss as to what to do about it. There are no drugs that can help and doctors know perfectly well that diets do not work.   Would it be possible to have a cheap weight loss center that did work?  Read the entire post

Simple FoodAh simple food.  I used to love rich foods and believed that this was normal, but I have trained myself to like rich foods much less and have found that I am more healthy now.  Indeed many people love food and like to talk about  food, write about food and even dream about food.  But I would respectfully suggest that if you focused on loving exercise or sex rather than food you would be more healthy.  Read the entire post

Breaking a FastI frequently get asked about breaking a fast.  It is not uncommon for many people to be fearful about breaking a long fast.  These are just a few of my thoughts:  I think too many people worry too much about breaking a fast.  Starting a fast is very hard, but breaking one is very easy.  I could break a fast every day!  Read the entire post

FastingI have been doing some surfing today and trying to get my mind off food.  I ran across this quote: “Do concentrate on activities during the fast. Be careful of chewing gums during a fast, as that “signals eating” to the hypothalamus. Indeed any form of taste tends to cause your digestive system to maintain activity and that slows down the switch to pure catabolism. Also consider maintaining activities that allow your body to mobilize AND eliminate the toxins… thus active fasting is practically always more effective than the passive approach.”  Read the entire post

Blood ChemistryIn the early summer of 2008 I was hospitalized and nearly died. I weighed 260 lbs, was pre-diabetic, suffered from blood clots and nearly had a heart attack.  My blood chemistry profile was horrible.  Read the entire post
Politics and FoodIs there any relationship between politics and food?  Food is everywhere; we are surrounded by food. Wherever I go shopping they are selling food. If there is not real people selling food then it is vending machines selling food. Fast food is on every corner.  Is the government behind this?  Read the entire post

Weight Loss and Aging Weight Loss and Aging; how might they be related? I am 69 and I sometimes worry that my posting my weight daily on this site could discourage some people because I lose weight so slowly.  I have already water fasted 47 days and 75 days and still have a long ways to go. In order to get to my goal weight of 139 lbs and a BMI of 18.9, a weight and BMI I have never been at in my adult life, may take even longer. This may be some of the slowest fasting weight loss you have ever seen and may appear to defy the laws of thermodynamics.  Read the entire post

Stop Thinking About FoodIt is Thursday evening and I am towards the end of my sixth day of fasting. I am writing this post to hold off screaming hunger. I am telling myself, stop thinking about food!   I just did what I am always telling people not to do. I tasted.  Read the entire post

Eating Animal Products I have frequently quoted Dr. Joel Fuhrman who wrote a good book about fasting in 1995 called Fasting and Eating for Health: A Medical Doctor’s Program for Conquering Disease. What Fuhrman writes about fasting and fasting research is excellent, but what he writes about diet is quite terrible. Fuhrman is what I call a radical vegan, an individual who promotes the idea of a 100% plant-based diet and has embraced, without reservation, the now-largely-discredited, government-sponsored lipid hypothesis. The lipid hypothesis holds that all our diseases, from diabetes to cancer, have their origins in eating animal products.  Read the entire post

Scale Won’t Budge If you are not taking in any calories you have to be burning fat. The law of thermodynamics assures that.  But what if the scale won’t budge?
But, if like me, after four days of zero calories the scale does not move, what is going on?  Read the entire post

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Most young kids believe in Santa Claus and people who deny the existence of Santa Claus to such kids are not always looked upon with favor. We adults do not believe in Santa Claus, but ever once in a while something comes along that seems like Santa Claus for adults.  Like watching the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly DeadRead the entire post

Water Retention and CarbohydratesEver wonder why you can drop so much weight at the beginning of a fast? It may have something to do with water retention and carbs. Carbohydrates in your diet can cause water retention.  Low carbohydrate dieters will drop less weight at the beginning of a fast.    Unfortunately, there is a relationship between a high-carb diet and water retention.  Read the entire post

Fasting and Healing - I have been unable to find who wrote this, but it is one of my favorite fasting quotes:”Fasting intensifies healing as deep tissue and tired organs are repaired rapidly. To heal illness the body must pull all of its resources toward cleansing and repairing by removing appetite and reducing or stopping digestion. Wounded animals will fast, emerging to eat only after their injury or broken bones have healed.”  Read the entire post

My Ultimate Fasting Goals My fasting has been going good except my weight loss has been very slow.  I have only lost about 15 pounds in nearly 40 days of fasting and if anything the weight loss is getting slower and my metabolism seems to be slowing as well even when I exercise.  I believe this is a function of my lower weight, lower carbohydrate diet, my advanced age and the fact that I have already done pure water fasts of 47 and 75 days respectively.  Read the entire post

How to Screw Up an AppleHow to screw up an apple?  Its really easy; Just put it through a juicer or food processor.  Health conscious parents would probably recoil at the prospect of putting Coke in a sippy cup for their one year old child, but the same parents might not think twice of putting apple juice in that same sippy cup.   Doctors are now saying there may be little difference between Coke and apple juice.  Read the entire post

Third Long FastAt Midnight October 20, 2012 I ended my third long fast, which like my first long fast in 2010 lasted 47 days. I ended this fast because of what I might describe as free floating anger.  I believe that during long fasts we not only detoxify our physical bodies, but we detoxify our minds as well.  It is not unusual for a long term faster to begin experiencing emotions from ones past.  Read the entire post

OK Not To EatI wrote this article four years ago and four years later nothing has changed: it’s still OK not to eat!  My son whom I raise alone and unassisted is eight years old and is very bright. Like millions of kids throughout America he eats school lunches.  Recently I began receiving almost daily reports from both the school principal and my son’s teacher that they were concerned that he was not eating his school lunches.  Read the entire post

The High Cost of Eating HealthyWell I do not want to sound too much like a complaining parent, but I am genuinely shocked at the high cost of eating healthy and the high cost of feeding a child healthy food.  Not only does it involve about 5 trips to the grocery store per week but the cost is through the roof.  Read the entire post

 Binge EatingBob, I ask this question in all sincerity. What exactly is ‘binge eating’? I’ve interpreted it to mean that one eats anything / everything in sight, but I don’t want to speculate.  I’d like to know what others mean by that phrase.  Thanks.  – Cameron  Hey Cameron:  For me binge eating is non stop out-of-control eating to the point you are running to the bathroom and its coming out either end in liquid form.  Sorry to be so graphic.  Read the entire post

 Recommended WebsitesI recently joined the Fasting Connection at   I cannot say enough good things about this website.  Everybody is friendly and there is no nasty back biting that goes on in some other forums.  There is a lot of information available.  Overall the content is more sophisticated than what you will find in other places.  Read the entire post

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  1. Hi Robert, I like the new site and thanks for preserving the Fasting Connection link. One thing I noticed that it was not obvious where to find your name. Good luck with it and thanks for your contribution on the forum.


  2. Thanks for dropping by David. I am so busy. I am working on converting three sites to WordPress and still feel like I am just getting started. I wish I could live in a world with 48 hour days!

    I think my identity is pretty clear if you hit the “about me” tab on the menu bar.

    But it is a problem I am trying to work out. Depending on where you are on the Internet I am known as Robert Buran, Bob Buran, The Hungry Caveman, Slimmer Bob, Trader Bob, Stockbrain99 and Stockbrain2010. I am however Robert Buran and I am trying to consolidate all this.

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